Sometimes you just want to relax with a clean movie, without being bombarded by unnecessary gore, language, and sexual content. But where should you look for guidance?

Search no longer! Here are five resources to save the day:

1. Plugged In Online

Plugged In is a website that reviews movies, games, television shows, music, and books. It provides a thorough analysis of each item’s content, with categories including spirituality, sex, violence, and language. It has become my family’s go-to resource for checking if a movie has content we don’t want to see.

2. VidAngel

Maybe there’s a movie you’d like to watch, if only it didn’t have that “one scene” or so much offensive language. VidAngel is a streaming service that allows you to rent movies for $1-2, and it has a filtering system for removing language, nudity, and violence, among other things. Think: Redbox + Netflix – yucky content.

If you want to understand how VidAngel works, just watch this video:

3. Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a reviewing site catered to conscientious parents. It covers movies, games, television, books, apps, websites, and music. The site also rates media with a 5-star system, and recommends appropriate viewing ages.

4. Kids in Mind

Much like Common Sense Media, this site reviews movies for parents. It rates films according to their levels of sex and nudity, violence and gore, and profanity. It also provides discussion topics and identifies the message of every movie.

5. Christian Cinema

Christian Cinema is an on-demand streaming service that focuses on faith-based films. Unlike Netflix, there is no monthly subscription; instead, users can rent or purchase movies for about $3.99-$12.99. There are also some movies available for free.

6. (Bonus) Avolation Media

That’s right – the blog you are reading right now! :) Beginning next week, we will be publishing reviews for our favorite clean entertainment. We will only publish positive reviews, because we don’t want to waste your time telling you what not to watch; instead, we want to bring your attention to wonderful movies and games that are worth your while.

One day, we aim to create clean movies and games, as well. But in the meantime, the best we can do is recommend what we love, with the hope you enjoy our favorite media as much as we do!

For discussion

Do you know of any other resources for finding clean entertainment? Tell me in the comments below!

Written by Brianna da Silva
Brianna is a writer, storyteller, and designer. Her first love is to write action/adventure novels for young adults and bring them to the screen. You can find her at her personal blog: briannadasilva.com.