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Casting Call

Date posted: 6/24/16

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia

Looking to cast four roles (Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter) to make an all-American family for a comedy short. A family is sitting down for a nice dinner when an unexpected and unwanted guest suddenly interrupts their evening.


All-American mom, late thirties to early forties (caucasian blonde/brunette)


All-American dad, late thirties to early forties (caucasian blonde/brunette)


Young girl, 10-14 years old (caucasian blonde/brunette)


Young boy, 10-14 years old (caucasian blonde/brunette)

Contact info: Please email with full name in subject line and role applying for. Attach a current headshot and (if available) an acting reel or recorded monologue and/or resume.

Note: These roles are unpaid.