Reviewing Policy

Occasionally we review movies, games, and other forms of entertainment on our blog. Here are answers to some questions that may come up as we publish our reviews:

Q: Why don’t you publish any negative reviews?

A: To be clear, it’s not because we love every movie out there. But, we decided that the last thing the Internet needs is one more negative presence. Instead of bashing bad films (or games) here, we’d rather praise the good ones.

Q: How does the rating system work?

A: We evaluate each item of entertainment according to its quality and cleanness. Obviously, this approach is subjective, but we invite readers to add their own comments to our reviews if they would like to offer a different perspective.

An important note: For cleanness, we do not rank a story according to its prevalence of violence or disturbing content, because we believe there are situations where such content is necessary and realistic. Rather, we give stories lower rankings in cleanness if the content exceeds what is appropriate or necessary. We do not condone films for being gritty or dark, but for elevating that darkness above the light.

Q: Will you review my movie/game/podcast/…?

A: Sorry, we are not accepting review requests at this time. If we stumble across your movie (or other creation) and really like it, we will be happy to spread the word! But for the time being, we only promote entertainment we find on our own.

Q: You didn’t write a review for [Movie X]. Should I be concerned?

A: Just because we are silent on a movie does not mean we disliked it. It could be simply that we haven’t seen it yet. Or maybe we were too busy practicing our ninja skills to write a review. You never know.